Wizard Brooms
8297 Champions Gate Blvd #188, Champions Gate, FL 33896
321-278-5579   wizardbrooms@gmail.com

Wizard Brooms Artists

Noel Holland and Don Gruel

practice the art of 

traditional Broom-Making... 

with a magical twist.

The couple uses responsibly gathered hardwoods for broom handles,

and natural "broom corn"

(which isn't corn at all, but a member of the sorghum plant family) 

to craft each one-of-a-kind

fantasy inspired brooms.  

These brooms are perfect for

Harry Potter Fans, Cosplay, Weddings, 

Fanciful Home Decor,

Quidditch Enthusiasts, and even

for sweeping!

Wizard Brooms are for sale online,

and at select Festivals & Fan Conventions!

Wizard Brooms

Welcome to Wizard Brooms, brooms of all shapes and sizes for the Witch or Wizard "on the go". We provide the one-of-a-kind Artisan Made Brooms... You provide the magic!